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Art Daily News - The First Art Newspaper in the Net

The Art Voices project is a three-pronged media initiative - online, print and television - aimed at reinventing Arts journalism in Africa in a global context.


The three-in-one project is a collaborative media business agenda with the clear cut objectives to, among others:

- Broaden the frontiers of arts reporting in Nigeria and the rest of Africa;

- Promote African arts and arts journalism in a global context;

- Promote visual arts business, arts literature, cultural and creative tourism et al, by giving audacious press voices and public visibility to emerging and professional practitioners locally and internationally;

- Support researches and innovations in art practice and teaching via media promotions and publications;

- Set agenda for progressive policy making and government support of the arts as catalysts/drivers of scientific and technological innovations, national productivity and sustainable development;

- Strategically generate funds for the sustenance of the AVI media and its allied projects;

(to be continued)
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